Benefits of Using a Health Coach

(And how to find the one that’s right for you)

First, what is a “health coach”?

Health coaches are national board-certified health professionals who provide health and wellness guidance to clients. They are certified through a health coach training program and are made up of personal trainers, community health workers, doctors, nurses and others in the wellness field.
Health coaching is also being covered by many health insurance companies.

What is a health coach?

What do health coaches do?

Coaches empower people with health goals, such as losing weight or quitting smoking, by providing motivation and accountability for improving health behaviors.
Health coaching is an emerging profession that has been shown to be effective in changing health behaviors. Many companies hire health coaches to improve the well-being of their workforce.
The core competencies of a health coach include:

  • Setting a foundation
  • Co-creating a relationship
  • Effective communication
  • Creating successful outcomes and results

In this blog post, I’ll outline the benefits of using a health coach.

What are the benefits of using a health coach?

Here are my top 11 reasons to hire a coach now.
Health is wealth and using a coach can pay dividends toward your vitality and longevity.

1. Assist you in changing behaviors that can lead to chronic disease.

Behavior such as lifestyle issues: stress reductions, heart disease, blood pressure, weight loss, smoking cessation and getting physically active is now recognized to be a more significant predictor of excellent health and healthy living than genetics, according to recent studies into the causes of chronic diseases. Poor sleep, poor nutrition, and unhealthy behavior choices have been identified as major contributors to chronic illnesses.
Our modern, fast lifestyle, combined with a quick-fix mentality and foods that are high in sugar and low in nutritional value, has put our health on a dangerous path. Your health coach will work with you to pick and practice healthy habits that prevent sicknesses while also increasing better health and well-being.

2. Keep it natural.

There are hundreds of natural remedies for chronic medical conditions. Wellness coaches help to clarify any questions you have and help you choose what is the best tool for you. By making lifestyle change you may be able to reduce or eliminate pharmaceutical drugs.

3. Help you with weight loss.
get help with weight loss

Staying in shape can be difficult. Our bodies are dynamic machines that are changing on a daily basis. Weight is one of many factors that go into our body weight control equation. According to this study from American Council on Exercise, health coaches can help with strategies and techniques to help you lose and maintain your weight using positive psychology and behavior change.

4. A built-in Nutritionist.

Eating a balanced diet is something that many people desire. It’s aggravating when you have the resources to purchase your food but lack the knowledge and time to plan and prepare to eat well. A certified health coach serves to empower you to make meal selections based on tastes, weight, and schedule.

5. Fitness Accountability.

Certified health coaches are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of fitness and exercise. American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a reputable organization that certifies fitness coaches and does on-going studies to show it’s effectiveness. These coaches help you plan your workouts, as well as motivate, support, and encourage you to work out on your own schedule. Health coaching is what you need if you’ve been having difficulty getting to the gym or seek wellness accountability, which is part of the coaching process.

Fitness Accountability
6. Invest wisely.

Just like a financial planner, a health coach, with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, can help you save money on health and health-related services and products. A health and wellness coach will help you choose the right practitioners, medical supplies and equipment for your optimal health and prevent you from overpaying for supplements and services you don’t need.

7. Stay on track with resolutions.

A health coach assists you in designing, planning, or attaining your health objectives. Wellness coaching uses motivational interviewing (one of many coaching skills that are used in healthcare), you’ll keep to your objectives. By using health behavior change and the science of positive psychology you can’t help but be inspired.

8. Break bad patterns.

Addictions can exist in anyone. The degree and subject of addiction differ. Health coaching can assist you in determining the origins, strategizing your plan of attack with seemingly minor addictions, as well as help you get rid of them.

9. Food planning and strategy.

Health coaches can create your meal plans based on your weight, medical condition such as diabetes, personality, and schedule. If you are a busy entrepreneur or parent with little or no time to cook, a health coach will create portable and ready-to-eat meals that match your own preferences, requirements, and budget.

10. Integrative medicine

A big trend in health care is integrative medicine. By using A health coach is in terms of spirituality and total wellness. He will provide an integrative wellness approach that will include your emotional and mental health. You will become a total human being.

11. Accountability, Encouragement and Unconditional Support

When you’re feeling like nothing you’ve tried on your own has worked, a investing in yourself with a health coach may be exactly what you need to keep you on track. Or, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or think you don’t have enough time, they might provide a boost to your spirits or a different way to think about something. Your health coach is a motivator, personal development counselor and friend for you.

Attributes to look for in a health coach and how to find one

If you’re interested in health coaching, talk to your doctor about it. You may also search for a list of recommended providers and check with your health insurance to see if they cover the service. Most health coaches can meet in person or use telehealth.
Choose a national board certified health coach from a top reputable health coach training program like Duke University, Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic to ensure that your coach has proper training coaching skills in health care.

What to look for in a health coach
Hire a health coach in Kauai

In Conclusion

Setting and achieving health objectives might be difficult. However, health coaches can assist you in overcoming obstacles. Everything changes when you make the shift to a healthier lifestyle. You’ll have more energy and enthusiasm, allowing you to do more, care for others, and enjoy life fully.
You don’t have to be a NFL player or rockstar to have a coach. Many of the most famous people as well as the rest of us have a coach or two in key areas of our lives. You don’t wait for disaster to strike before seeking help. You too can hire a coach to make a lifestyle change. It will be a wise financial investment in your personal and professional life, business, partnerships, and finances -as well as for your life.

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