IMG_1083And so it begins….

“Fear is only inverted faith; it is faith in evil instead of good.” – Francis Scovel Shinn from the Book I’m reading for this trip, ‘The Fear Cure, Cultivating courage as medicine for the body, mind and soul”  Lissa Rankin, M.D.

The night began with an evening drop off at the Lihue, Kauai airport after a wonderfully eventful day.   Wow.  I was on a high just arriving at the airport thanks to some great energy from a new friend.  Everything was seamless on Hawaiian airlines to Honolulu at 10:47pm and arrived 11:30pm.  I then had to haul myself over to the China Airlines terminal around midnight to board with 100’s of others for a 1:15am flight!  Cray cray!

I easily found the gate and got my ticket.  I was a little worried to fly China Air, not sure why but I’m a little snobby American Airlines girl and took the cheaper flights just to get me to Thailand.  To my suprise the adorable asian beauties were dressed to the nines – lipstick and closed toed high heels for the all night flight extravaganza.  Once I boarded, my fears were allayed as it looked like a brand new plane and I settled in by my window for a nappy poo.   Next stop Taipei Taiwan!  Let’s do this!

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