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I am excited to have you in my tribe!
Just click the "get it" button below to download my Kauai meditation audio.


Calm your mind and body

with a 30 minute oceanside
meditation with Brooke
Foreman featuring the iconic
scenery of Kauai

          my gift to you...


Calm your mind and body
with a 30 minute oceanside
meditation with Brooke
Foreman featuring the iconic
scenery of Kauai

only $9.99


Enjoy Brooke's laid back style
and humor for a gentle 60 min
class benefitting the
experienced, beginner or
injured. All levels.

only $9.99


Immerse yourself in this
virtual retreat. 3 body, mind &
soul recharging modules of
meditations, yoga poses,
recipes and more!

only $37.00


a gift from brooke


The cure for exhaustion, weight gain, inflammation and stress…

Are you tired? Gain a little extra weight around the waist? Anxious?
Or…don’t have time to rest but you know if you don’t take a hot second for yourself you won’t have enough gas to push through? 

The solution is meditation and yoga

It can calm down your para and sympathetic nervous systems. You know

 the one, the one that thinks you are running from a wild bear ALL THE

TIME. Once soothed, your nervous system reduces that ‘fight or flight’ 

response that causes weight gain, inflammation, stress and anxiety in our

 lives. Sounds good right? Give it a try it now !

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