About Brooke

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I'm acupuncturist / yogi Brooke Foreman and I'm an anti-inflammatory specialist.

I work with:

Baby boomers seeking 'the good life', who want the solution for those bothersome aches and pains and embarrassing digestive issues that keep them homebound instead of out traveling, being active, and snapchatting with their grandkids.
Hot flashing, occasionally bitchy menopausal women who would like to cool off, be a little nicer to their loved ones and get rid of that ring of weight around their middle.
Baby wanting women who are sick of listening to everyone in the grocery store line giving them advice on how to get pregnant as well as feeling disappointed and shameful when they have to say, "nope, maybe next month" to their partners and Auntie Clara.

I help them to reduce inflammation, so they can bring more independence, vitality freedom into their lives.

I'm passionate about creating balance in this crazy world and to me that means an anti-inflammatory life.

I’ve got over 25 years' experience teaching and training in health and wellness, plus a past filled with injuries from teaching fitness classes and super humiliating digestive issues. (Tell you about that later)

I know inflammation.

An abrupt, painful divorce created an awakening in me. This awakening broke me out of the hamster wheel of inflammation I was running in my life. The choice for me was to make change: either be the 'victim' or the 'victor'. So.... I did a 'control-ALT-delete', sold all my belongings, and decided I would recreate a vibrant life by starting over with my dog, Aruba here in Kauai, Hawaii. I chose 'victor' and so can you.

That process of going from broken to bad-ass has given me the expertise to help you achieve balance in your life so that you can get rid of those aches, pains and digestive issues and get out there to travel, exercise and live a great story.

About Brooke

Brooke is a licensed acupuncturist, national fitness and yoga presenter, and the enthusiastic founder of Health Fountain Institute™, a world leader in vitality and lifestyle enhancement education. Die hard lover of chocolates, golden retrievers and scuba diving, her aim is to inspire people to live a balanced, vibrant life by reducing inflammation. Connect with Brooke on Facebook, IG and Linkedin.

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Everyone has a story.  As a health and wellness renaissance woman, I’ve always had a soft spot for the teaching/healing relationship between patient and practitioner.  Maybe that came from my mother, who was a dedicated nurse.  My caregiving and teaching started early in my life with babysitting businesses, teaching swimming lessons, aerobics in the 80’s (oh the leotards!) and eventually becoming a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor while studying Biology at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. 

Soon after graduating I landed a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Proctor & Gamble.  I enjoyed ‘talking science and clinical studies’ with the doctors, but found I was drawn more to the patients.  I should have known then when I started doing meditations before surgeries to lower the patient’s blood pressures and bringing in massage therapists to the doctor’s “lunch and learn’s” to reduce stress that I’d be heading into integrated health care.  During this same time I owned a Jazzercise ™franchise and taught classes with my free time.  Fitness had always been my antidepressant and de-stressor.  My entrepreneurial spirit soared when I discovered I could make money doing something I loved. 

One too many suitcases thrown into the back of a rental car and too many high impact fitness classes caused my 2 herniated discs.  I’d never been in such debilitating pain.  My prognosis was drugs and surgery, the very medicine I was dishing out daily and I didn’t like the taste of it.  Time for a change.

This began my introduction into Chinese Medicine.  I had tried everything to avoid surgery.  My very last resort was to try acupuncture and I hated needles!  Alas, I went to my appointment and was greeted by a white woman doctor.  I thought to myself, “How could this medicine work if she wasn’t Asian?” Long story short, the amazing acupuncturist got me out of pain after 4 treatments and I never had to have surgery.  I was flabbergasted that something like this could work.  Why hadn’t my doctors told me about this?   I was so inspired by my outcome that I quit my high paying job and enrolled at Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Austin, TX.

I’ve never looked back.  Since that time I’ve studied with Masters in China, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.  I just can’t get enough, there is always more to learn. 

I am a licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) in both Hawaii and Texas and hold a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine (OM), which is the highest certification granted by the National Certification Committee of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). 

My ‘style’ of integrated care is….whatever works for the patient!  I use a combination of acupuncture, medical bodywork, yoga and meditation, herbal therapy and healing touch to get the best outcomes for my patients.  I look forward to hearing your story and helping you thrive in a holistic natural way. 

* LAc Hawaii and Texas

*Diplomat of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

*National Fitness and Yoga Presenter

*Yoga 200 hr trained

*Certified in Clean Needle Technique

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